Design and Installation

Pete's Lawn Service & Landscaping can design and install landscaping and hardscaping to meet your needs and budget. Don't forget to add landscape lighting so you can enjoy your landscaping day and night. 


We design and install paver patios and walks in many different shapes and patterns customized for your home. 

Retaining and seat walls

We design and install segmental walls, field stone walls and landscape tie retaining walls customized for your home. 

Privacy Planting

This will block unwanted views, create a private sitting area or provide a natural wind break. We can create this by installing some of the following trees and shrubs; Pine, Spruce, Hemlock, Arborvitae, Juniper, Forsythia and many others. 


Mulching yearly gives your landscaping a fresh new appearance. Mulch also helps retain moisture and minimizes weeding. 


Decorative Stone

We install 3/8" & 3/4" Red, White, and River Gravel, 1-3" Goose Egg and many other decorative stone choices. 


Leveling of uneven lawns. Make changes to the existing grade to improve water run off or ground contour. We also do final grading of new construction. 


We have the knowledge and experience to solve drainage issues around your property. We can alleviate standing water in your yard, divert water away from your foundation and create flow channels to control erosion.


Installation of sod establishes a thick green lawn fast. 

Top Soil

Add top soil to improve growing conditions for lawns and planting beds. 

Shrub Trimming

Trimming helps maintain shrub size and shape. It also gives your landscaping a well maintained appearance



The installation of landscape lighting makes your home and landscaping stand out at night.

It also offers:

  • Safe passages. Hazards such as steps, shrubs or elevation changes can be avoided with proper placement of lighting.
  • Security. Well-lit landscaping will deter intruders.
  • Nighttime enjoyment. Extend your outdoor living enjoyment by lighting patios and pool areas.

Update your existing landscape lighting to LED lamps for these added benefits:

  • Low electric use = savings
  • Long lamp life
  • Add more lights to existing transformer


We have various programs to meet your needs. Weed control, Grub control, Fungus control and Lime. 


Core aeration enables air, water and fertilizer to reach the root zone of your lawn. Also, by improving the air-water-soil relationship, thatch can decompose faster. 

Power Seeding

This service involves cutting vertical slits into the soil of the lawn and dropping seeds into those slits. This process gives excellent soil contact ensuring germination. 

Lawn Cutting

Weekly mowing includes trimming, edging and blowing grass clipping from all hard surfaces.